Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

As I sit down to write my mom a card for Mother's Day I am reflecting on all that she has taught me.  Here are some things that come to mind in no particular order:
1.  Family is everything  
She has always been there for me and raised us to do the same. Just about every decision she has made was based on what would be best for the family.  Her loyalty to family- both near and far is gigantic. 
2.  Life is for the living 
My mom has certainly had her share of tragedy and hardship.  My sister died when she was only 20 and ten years later my mom became a widow to the love of her life.  She could have become a sad lonely widow and no one would have judged her.  But she has always said "Life is for the living."  While she always remembers and honors loved ones who have gone before us, she wakes up ready to make every day count.
3.  If you lose something,  pray to St. Anthony
My mom's faith is very deep and very strong.   From childhood whenever I lost something her response would always be did you pray to St. Anthony?  He always helps me.  Now I find myself giving the same advice to my own children.
4.  Usually when people are mean it is out of jealousy
This one took some time to make sense.  When I was growing up and my mom said this I really did not believe but now that I see similar events through adults eyes I see she was right.  It has helped me not to take hurt personally because usually when someone is being mean it is their own issue, not mine.
5. When you are cooking, the most important ingredient is love. 
One of my students told about the traditional way to make tamales.  It is not just the ingredients but she said everyone needs to gather together with love.  She said the one time they were arguing when they made them they did not turn out.  I believe this.  Because sometimes I will make something with my mom's recipe and it just doesn't taste the same.  There is something about the love she puts into it that always makes it just right.
6.  Laughter can see you through almost every single situation.
My mom tells the best stories and many are to retell a funny teaching story.  Many dinners were highlighted with one of her funny and loved-filled stories.  She taught me empathy and love and a love of storytelling with every story that she told. 

There is a lot more I can say I learned from my mom but this is a good start for now.  Because if I wait any longer Mother's Day will be over!

Circa 1972:  My mom smiling with 5 kids under the age of six!

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